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Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. Prosthetist Or Prosthetist Orthotist in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

With a mantra of Empowering Human Potential, Hanger, Inc. is the world'spremier provider of orthotic and prosthetic (OandP) services andproducts, offering the most advanced OandP solutions, clinicallydifferentiated programs and unsurpassed customer service. Hanger's PatientCare segment is the largest owner and operator of OandP patient care clinicsnationwide. Through its Products and Services segment, Hanger distributesbranded and private label OandP devices, products and components, andprovides rehabilitative solutions to the broader market. With nearly 160 yearsof clinical excellence and innovation, Hanger's vision is to lead theorthotic and prosthetic markets by providing superior patient care,outcomes, services and value. Collectively, Hanger employees touchthousands of lives each day, helping people achieve new levels of mobility andAs a clinicin, you have dedicated yourself to improving the lives of thepatients you serve. We recognize that in doing so you not only impact thelives of those you treat but of their families, friends, and communities.Embarking on a career with Hanger allows you to continue in this endeavor butelevates you as a champion of the orthotic and prosthetic market by providingsuperior patient care, outcomes, service and value. Advance your career byleveraging professional clinical expertise, established clinical practiceguidelines, innovative technologies, specialized training and continuingeducation, RAC audit resources, and back office support at one of our morethan 700 clinics nationwide. At Hanger, we fulfill your current practiceneeds but also offer a potential career path to meet your changing aspirationsas you continue your professional journey for years to come.Our patients are our focus and are the heart of everything we do. As a HangerProsthetist and/or Orthotist, you will leverage exceptional training andan extensive collaborative clinical community nearly 1500 providers strong toprovide or supervise the delivery of comprehensive prosthetic and orthoticcare. You will assess patients, formulate treatment plans, implementthose plans, follow-up with your patients and participate in practicemanagement. If you have not yet achieved certification, you will providecare under the direction of one of our certified clinicians.You will enjoy combining your unique blend of clinical and technical skills toevaluate patients, custom design, fabricate and fit prostheses and/ororthoses to deliver exceptional outcomes for the patients you serve. You willcollaborate with other members of the rehabilitation team and innovateutilizing the latest technology as we all strive to empower human potentialtogether.Depending on the operational requirements, size of the Hanger Clinic andsubject to limitations imposed by state and/or local law, your role mayinclude some or all of the functions listed below.Collaborate with physicians in the evaluation and analysis of a patient'sneed for prosthetic and/or orthotic services; recommend treatment optionsto physicians when necessary.Examine and evaluate patient needs in relation to disease and functional loss.Formulate design of prosthetic and/or orthotic devices.Select materials, make cast measurements, model modifications, andlayouts, taking into account new techniques and materials.Perform fitting, including static and dynamic alignments.Evaluate prosthetic and/or orthotic device on patient, adjust to assurefit, function, medical efficacy, and quality of work.Instruct patient in use of prosthetic and/or orthotic devices.Identify and reconcile issues/problems to ensure patient satisfaction withdevices provided.Provide follow-up with patients and physicians.Provide in-service training to physicians and allied health careprofessionals.Utilize effective materials management, quality and performance processes tomaximize device quality and medical efficacy, maintaining a proper balancewith costs and operational/financial performance.Meet with physicians, case managers and ot