SCL Health Pharmacy Technician Specialty in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

YOU. You bring your body, mind, heart and spirit to your work as aSpecialty Pharmacy Technician. Your compassion is tangible: whether your patient is 18 or 85, theyfeel it in the hand they hold. Families feel it in your prayers. Colleaguesfeel it in your support. You know how to move fast. You know how to stay organized. You know howto have fun. Youre equally comfortable with Pharmacy protocols, communication, andpatient care. Youre great at what you do, but you want to be part of something evengreater. Because you believe that while individuals can be strong, the rightteam is invincible. US. Lutheran Medical Center is part of SCL Health, a faith-based,nonprofit healthcare organization that focuses on person-centered care. Our249-bed community-based hospital provides comprehensive, specialty care tothe poor, the vulnerable, our communities and each other. Dating back to1905, we are proud of the rich history and inspiring mission our hospitalhas embodied for over 110 years. Benefits are one of the ways we encourage health for you and your family.Our generous package includes medical, dental and vision coverage. Buthealth is more than a well-working body: it encompasses body, mind andsocial well-being. To that end, weve launched a Healthy Living program toaddress your holistic health. Healthy Living includes financial incentives,digital tools, tobacco cessation, classes, counseling and paid time off.We also offer financial wellness tools and retirement planning. WE. Together well align mission and careers, values and workplace. Wellencourage joy and take pride in our integrity. Well laugh at each others jokes (even the bad ones). Well hello andhigh five. Well celebrate milestones and acknowledge the value of spiritualityin healing. Were proud of what we know, which includes how much there is to learn. YOUR DAY. As a Specialty Pharmacy Technician you need to know how to: Assist with all phases of pharmacy services. Work withpatients, providers, and insurance companies to obtain priorauthorizations. Answer phones and notes from physicians in a timely manner.Accurately read, interpret and enter prescriptions in a timely manner. Routequestionable prescriptions to the pharmacist for completion. Make outboundcalls / faxing the physicians for prescription clarification,substitutions and formulary changes as needed. Prepare medication orders (i.e., chemotherapy, IVadmixtures, compounding) according to established policies,procedures, and protocols. Prepare complex sterile compounded IV products,including daily batch orders, stat and other emergency medications and TPNform Assist pharmacist by gathering clinical information on patients.Assist the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in providing specialty pharmacyservices to the patients of the assigned SCL Health clinic, including:finding funding assistance for patient copays, assisting patients withcompleting required registration forms for pharmaceutical programs,reimbursement applications, and other forms as needed for theirpharmaceutical care, and representing the pharmacy to the providers andprovider clinic staff when the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist is unavailable. Accurately fill and maintain medications supplies in theautomatic dispensing system including verifying and monitoring controlledsubstance inventories as required. Package and label medications accuratelyand appropriately to minimize waste. Verify and monitor controlled substanceinventories as required by daily shift assignment. Manage Specialty Pharmacy Medication and Supply Inventory.Procure all formulary medications, medical and office supplies. Supervisequarterly pharmacy physical inventory. Reconcile and maintain all invoices.Return damaged, overstocked, or expired merchandise to manufacturers andwholesalers in a timely manner. Resolve shipping problems/errors andexpedite backorders. Evaluate and