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Colorado Department Of Human Services LPN or LPT (HCT III) - CO Mental Health Institute at Pueblo in Pueblo, Colorado

Additional important information about this position is available on the Stateof Colorado Job Board posting.Description of JobThis position exists to provide a safe, secure, therapeutic setting forcomprehensive/holistic care of patients with both psychiatric and medicalissues to include evaluation and treatment. This includes 24 hour nursing carefor patients. The focus of treatment is stabilization, increase knowledgebase, increase compliance with medications, individual and grouptherapy, discharge planning, working with families, support systems forpatients, and an understanding of mental health issues/medical issues.Patients with substance abuse issues, developmental disabilities, physicalhandicaps, and multiple medical diagnoses also have multiple needs inaddition to mental health stabilization and are treated on this work unit.Patients are admitted for the purpose of evaluation, observation, andtreatment. Legal status of patients may include ITP, competency exams,NGRI, short term, long term or long term extension. The unit goal is totreat the severely mentally ill, return them to their optimal level offunctioning and assist them in returning to the community as appropriate.Duties include, but are not limited to the following:Counsels patients on psychiatric care needs during group therapies per RNdirection. Meets with patients for 1:1 therapies, talking and reinforcingRN education for the patient and patient's family/significant others onmedications and treatment plan.Follows and maintains infection control standards and regulations.Utilizes clean, aseptic technique and sterile technique when required as itrelates to medication administration.Utilize active and passive patient identification prior to administration ofmedications, treatments, obtaining blood for glucose testing, byidentifying patient by a minimum of two methods.Understands how to obtain emergency pack from CSS to include procuringnarcotics from clinic after pharmacy hours, and narcotic control.Knows how to obtain respiratory services/oxygen and equipment/laboratoryservices after hours.Addresses patient complaints/complaints of family, and resolving patientgrievances at the unit level.Aware of patient allergies, sensitivities of food/drug interactions,drug/drug interactions.Monitors patient's nutritional needs to include dysphagia and one to onemonitoring. Immediately deliver information to medical and psychiatricdoctors/charge RN regarding patient medical and psychiatric needs.Is appropriate in all communications with co-workers. Alerts RN to assess theneed for PRN (Patient Request or Need) medication prior to administration.Alerts RN and acts on patients expressing suicidal ideation or having issuesthat could lead to privileges needing to be held.Transports patients from building to building or transports patients offgrounds.Reports and corrects any hazardous findings (toxic chemicals utilized byhousekeeping) immediately to Charge RN and/or Division of FacilitiesManagement (DFM). Knows location of all emergency equipment and SDS sheets.Assist/teach patient (under RN direction) about illness by demonstratinga working knowledge of mental/physical illness and implementing appropriatetherapeutic approaches after team evaluation.Provide accurate account of patients' progress in treatment, physicalcondition, behaviors observed per Nursing Department documentation,procedure and hospital policies.Provide testimony when necessary in court if they are ever subpoenaed tocourt. Inspect alarm systems, communication devices, perimeter, andintegrity of physical environment (property and facility).Assists with fire drills and unit searches per policy/requirements.Ensure Lead Nurse/Charge Nurse is aware of safety and security issues alongwith alerting the team leader/team coordinator.Make sure staff are working with patients according to their psychiatricdiagnosis.Monitors patient behavior through scheduled checks to prevent dangeroussituations.Recognizes Patient Rights.D