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APTIM Safety Manager in Greenwood Village, Colorado


This position will be responsible for developing, implementing and administering the safety program for the Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Program under the US Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville Engineering Center.


This is a management level position requiring independent professional judgment and leading a small team of safety professionals to foster a working relationship with our U.S. Army Corps of Engineer client, our end-user customer, and our in-field staff that implements the safety program that is established.

This position will be assigned to one of four task orders as a Task Order Safety Manager, as well as being the lead TOSM to manage the overall safety program for the RMMR projects. This position is primarily an office position with possible and intermittent in-field support.

As TOSM-lead, this position shall:

  • Coordinate with Task Order Appoint additional SHOs (L1, L2, or L3) for projects with multiple shifts as required to ensure a Safety and Health Officer is at a project at all times work activities are conducted.

  • Manage the central RMMR deficiency tracking system for all task orders.

  • Manage a "Lessons Learned" program for internal APTIM sharing of safety information to include but not limited to: mishaps - investigation and mitigation measures, property damage, near misses, personal injury or illness.

  • Schedule, coordinate, and assist project and program leadership in maintaining safety communication and emphasis across the RMMR program, to include integration with corporate APTIM requirements, in-field audits, safety shares, and initiative implementation.

As TOSM for a single Task Order, this position shall:

  • Manage the team assigned the safety oversight roles in the field which will includes a minimum of one person for each installation to function as the Safety and Health Officer (SHO) per EM385 and the RMMR program requirements.

  • Implement and administer APTIM's corporate safety program and policies and procedures outlined in the Government-accepted Accident Prevention Plan.

  • Ensure the requirements of EM 385-1-1, USACE Safety and Health Requirements Manual and the requirements of 29 CFR 1926.16 are met for the fieldwork performed.

  • Designate the level of onsite SHO required for all field work.

  • Maintain designations and certifications for all personnel submitted and accepted by USACE. All SHO's must be designated in writing on a Designation of Safety and Health Official Certificate.

  • Monitor certifications and expirations for all RMMR personnel accepted by USACE. Coordinate with project management to maintain all necessary training and certifications for all RMMR personnel -- both APTIM and subcontractor personnel.

  • Manage, communicate, implement and enforce compliance with the APTIM's APP and other accepted safety and health submittals for APTIM personnel and all subcontractors employed on the Task Order.

  • Compile and track safety deficiencies reported by in-field SHO's or others in the field. Ensure corrective actions are taken to mitigate all identified deficiencies.


This position must:

  • Meet the requirements of EM 385-1-1 paragraph 01.A.17 for a SHO.

  • Have an active OSHA 30-hour training CARD for either the General Industry or Construction Industry class.

  • Five (5) years of continuous construction or general industry safety experience in supervising/ managing general construction (managing safety programs or processes and conducting hazard analyses specifically hazard identification and developing controls)

  • If a Third-Party, Nationally Accredited (ANSI or National Commission for Certifying Agencies - NCCA) SOH-related certification is presented, only 4 years of experience is needed. (EM 385-1-1 Appendix Q for list of acceptable SOH-related certifications)

  • Show continued competency and training through documentation of a minimum of 8 hours of documented formal, on-line, or self-study safety and health related coursework every year since 30-hr certification was received. Other examples of acceptable continuing education activities without a 'certification or in-class training' are: writing an article, teaching a class, reading/writing professional articles, and attendance/participation in professional societies/meetings.

  • Ability to pass government background investigation to obtain clearance to military installations.

  • Show they have the knowledge and experience in construction or general industry fieldwork specifically related to construction, maintenance and repair activities in and around petroleum and petroleum-related systems. The field efforts are specifically on U.S. military installations that store, transfer, and utilize jet fuels, unleaded gasoline, and diesel products and closely related derivatives. This position must understand the unique hazards posed by these systems containing these or similar products.

  • Show understanding and have at least a basic knowledge and experience in construction or general industry for fieldwork that may involve various tasks such as:

  • High and low voltage electrical repair and maintenance

  • Mechanical repair and maintenance including hot work, manual lifting, hand tools, power tools

  • Use of Loading and material handling equipment, crane and rigging operations

  • Industrial blasting and coating of pipe and tanks (may include lead-based paints)

  • Demolition incidental to repairs (may include asbestos identification or abatement)

  • Confined space work

  • Work at height or over water

  • Basic civil construction and/or demolition incidental to repairs


In addition to direct safety knowledge and experience, this position must be able to:

  • Can manage electronic documents, complex review and response cycles and can implement and execute administrative protocols to ensure

  • Has experience using Microsoft 360 and other products such as SharePoint, Word, OneDrive, etc. to manage an effective safety program. Alternatively, proof of a personal ability to learn computer system and tools at a rapid pace.

  • Strives for consistency and uniformity in a complex and rapidly moving program.

  • Can creatively develop administrative protocols and can teach/train others on these procedures as developed or for new personnel.

  • Capable of managing process changes or adjustments, including identification of large impacts that result from seemingly small requests or small modifications.

  • Determines their own work priorities and acts as a resource for RMMR Safety Team with less experience or skills.

  • Can apply personal knowledge and experience to a wide range of standard and nonstandard situations

  • Interact and interpret customer needs, review contract requirements and identify solutions.

  • Coordinate with project and program team to provide a consistent and single face for APTIM safety with clients, customers, and subcontractors.

  • Can manages their own time to meet agreed targets and develop plans for work activities. Can explains difficult issues and works to establish consensus with their team, the larger RMMR program, and APTIM Corporate Safety as appropriate.

  • Promotes teamwork; coaches and guides others.

  • Can apply industry best practices and their knowledge of internal/external business issues to improve products or services.

  • A specific B.S. degree may be waived, if the person can prove over 8 years or more experience, has the relevant training / education and is approved by the Director of Safety for the hiring business unit. Must have 5-20 years relevant experience

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Applicants with a physical or mental disability who require a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application or hiring process may make their request known by e-mailing or calling 855.343.5600 for assistance.