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Community Hospital MRI Tech, PRN in Grand Junction, Colorado


  • Patient Care:

  • Responsible for providing patient care in accordance with the hospital mission, goals, rules and policy and procedures guidelines.

  • Responsible for adhering to the Service Excellence Standards.

  • Responsible for making sure all equipment necessary is on and operational prior to performing patient procedures.

  • Responsible for properly greeting patients, verify two patient identifiers, proper exam and diagnosis and verify provider?s order prior to performing exams or procedures.

  • Responsible for reviewing patient safety questionnaire in safety zone 3 and verify that the patient is free of all metallic and implanted devices that are contraindicated for MRI in zone 4.

  • Responsible for maintaining safety for all personnel, patients and equipment entering the magnetic field by visually checking and using the detection wand to determine presence of ferrous objects.

  • Provide answers or follow up for patient concerns or questions they may have regarding exams or procedures.

  • Responsible for cleaning and stocking rooms after every exam.

  • Responsible for cleaning all equipment after every use (scanner, table, counters, operators console, workstations, injectors, wheelchairs, etc.).

  • Responsible for maintaining all necessary certifications (ARRT, BLS, etc.) required for position. ARRT (R) and ARRT (MR).

  • Responsible for maintaining 12 category A CE credits per year.

  • Answering the phone by the third ring as needed.

  • Providing help to all other areas of the department as needed.

  • Responsible for taking call and performing all Technologists duties of assigned position according to the needs of the department to provide coverage for each modality.

  • Responsible for proper patient transport, lifting and moving techniques.

  • Responsible for carrying pager at all times during on-call shifts.

  • Responsible for proper operation of the-STAT machine and properly documenting lab results.

  • Patient Exam:

  • Verify and clarify all Physician orders prior to performing exam or procedure.

  • Responsible for magnetic safety for all exams, procedures and personnel.

  • Responsible for obtaining a contrast risk assessment form on all patients ordered to have contrast procedures.

  • Responsible for providing proper preps and protocols per exam to ensure the proper test for the proper diagnosis.

  • Responsible for familiarizing yourself with the MRI, and diagnostic protocol books.

  • Responsible for maintaining competencies on all equipment necessary to perform job duties.

  • Responsible for notifying Lead staff and placing service calls when equipment malfunctions.

  • Responsible for adjusting schedules as needed to accommodate add-on, ER and STAT exams.

  • Recognize pertinent anatomy and pathology and adjust imaging parameters as needed to provide the Radiologist with the most complete exam possible to provide a diagnosis.

  • Starting IV?s using proper aseptic techniques.

  • Verifying orders in inpatient, ICU and ER patient charts.

  • Responsible for charging and verifying all necessary charges associated with each exam and procedure.

  • Perform all post processing duties for all procedures.

  • Responsible for operation of all post-processing workstations.

  • Responsible for completing all paperwork necessary for each exam and procedure.

  • Assist Physicians with all invasive procedures including room and supply setup using sterile technique.

  • Responsible for covering call in MR as needed by the department.

  • Responsible for proper documentation, identification and marking of all images.

  • Responsible for following radiation safety guidelines, shielding all patients when applicable and verifying the possibility of pregnancy before performing exam.

  • Responsible for following MRI safety protocol per the established 4 areas of safety.

  • Responsible for maintaining repeat rate of less than 5% on a monthly basis.

  • Patient Results:

  • Responsible for maintaining accurate exam and procedure records.

  • Verify all exams performed being moved to taken in Meditech and all images being accessible on the PACs system.

  • Responsible to assist Radiologists and other physicians on operation of 3D workstations and image reconstructions.

  • Responsible for turning in completed exam and paperwork to Radiologists for dictation.

  • Responsible for all follow-up associated with STAT, call results and patients waiting for results.

  • Responsible for accurately transferring images, patient information and exam paperwork to after hour?s radiology.

  • Maintain exam work list and check to ensure all exams are in taken status.

  • Perform MR equipment QA in accordance with ACR guidelines.

  • Department Duties:

  • Responsible for checking and re-ordering department supplies as needed.

  • All other duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or equivalent and at least two (2) years of diagnostic training and be familiar with radiographic and MRI equipment.


  • ARRT Registry in radiology and MR

  • BLS