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Mesa County COVID Vaccination EMT in Grand Junction, Colorado

Job Title: COVID Vaccination EMT - Temporary Part TimeOpening Date/Time: Fri. 01/22/21 12:00 AM Mountain TimeClosing Date/Time: ContinuousSalary: $21.51 - $25.80 HourlyJob Type: TemporaryPosition will be responsible for monitoring patients for adverse events aftervaccination.A vaccine adverse event refers to any medical event that occurs aftervaccination that may or may not be related to vaccination.Potential life-threatening adverse reactions that can occur immediately aftervaccination are severe allergic reactions and syncope (fainting).Severe, life-threatening anaphylactic reactions following vaccination arerare. Thorough screening for contraindications and precautions prior tovaccination can often prevent reactions. Health care providers should befamiliar with identifying immediate-type allergic reactions.Symptoms of immediate-type allergic reactions can include local or generalizedurticaria (hives), angioedema, respiratory compromise due to wheezingor swelling of the throat, hypotension, and shock.Should be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and be skilledin administering epinephrine.May be required to maintain an airway.Position may be required to activate a plan to contact emergency medicalservices immediately if there s an anaphylactic reaction to vaccination,and should be prepared to monitor a patient until emergency services arrive.Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent injuries if a patient becomesweak or dizzy or loses consciousness, including:Have the patient seated or lying down for vaccination.Be aware of symptoms that precede fainting (e.g., weakness, dizziness,pallor).Provide supportive care and take appropriate measures to prevent injuries ifsuch symptoms occur.Strongly consider observing patients (seated or lying down) for 15 minutesafter vaccination to decrease the risk for injury should they faint.Position will be required to document and report certain adverse eventsfollowing vaccination to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)May be required to operate an AED in the event of an adverse event.Strong interpersonal and customer service skills. Ability to problem solve andthink critically.Oral and written communication must be clear and effective.Other duties as assigned.Requires analytical thinking and problem solving to assist staff handlesituations and questions as they present themselves Minimum Requirements:MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS REQUIREDEducation and ExperienceHigh school diploma or GEDBachelor s degree preferredColorado state certified Emergency Medical Technician Basic or higherMust be on Mesa County EMS protocols and under Mesa County medical directionFluency in Spanish highly desirable but not required. Supplemental Information:PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS and WORKING ENVIRONMENTVisual/hearing ability sufficient to comprehendwritten/verbal/non-verbal communication. Ability to perform tasksinvolving physical activity, which may include lifting of supplies,equipment, or babies and small children; extensive bending, standing,walking, or sitting may be required. Ability to deal with stress.May be exposed to communicable diseases, infections, blood and bodily fluids.In compliance with the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act the following items can beused as a determining factor in the starting and ongoing wage of an employeeworking in this position:A seniority system that rewards employees based on length of employment andrelevant experience with prior agencies.A merit system that rewards or penalizes employees for exceptional or belowstandard job performance.Education, training, or experience to the extent that they are reasonablyrelated to or impact the efficiency of the work in question.This position is not eligible for the benefit package.