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Community Hospital Clinical Lab Assistant/Phlebotomist, PRN in Grand Junction, Colorado


The Clinical Laboratory Assistant (CLA) is an essential position in the Community Hospital Laboratory. The CLA demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills in serving patients, co-workers, leadership and medical staff.


Maintains high proficiency in specimen processing, including: phlebotomy, specimen collection, receiving both patient and POV (NPL) lab specimens into the lab, competently verifies all required patient and sample information is correctly labeled, that received manual requisition forms contain all required fields. Double checks and verifies before accessioning specimens into the Meditech LIS/HIS system. Ensures all STAT, Urgent (3 hr. TAT), and Routine requests are correctly logged, promptly sorted and safely transported to the appropriate section(s) of the laboratory and/or for send-outs, alerts Technologists of all STATS and Urgents.

Works closely with CLA-Lead, CLA-Supervisor, Laboratory Supervisor and Lab Director to ensure all lab requests are promptly removed from fax machines, printers and from couriers. The CLA is also required to perform phlebotomy on inpatients, walk ins, and is expected to be able to cover remote draw stations and satellite laboratories as assigned, scheduled or requested by lab leadership for coverage.

  1. Technical/Documentation:
  • A. Locate and properly identify patient specimens, method of collection, labeling

  • B. Ensure all required patient identifiers and information are clearly indicated.

  • C. Locate all applicable orders. Clarify or locate missing information as needed

  • D. Following department procedures, draw blood and/or obtain specimens from patients and accounts, including POV (NPL) lab specimens received into lab.

  • E. Provide order entry, bar code labeling, sample preparation, receive in Meditech and deliver for testing. Record inventory of samples collected/received for future reference.

  • F. Proper specimen handling, processing, micro culture set-up & gram stain.

  • G. Provide BAT?s and UDS?s following proper collection and chain of custody procedures.

  1. Teamwork
  • A. Provide immediate processing of STAT requests, and announce STAT?s to Technologists, CLALeads, Section Leads and Supervisors until acknowledged.

  • B. Coordinate with nursing & medical staff including other departments to help define and expedite accurate processing of all lab services.

  • C. Monitor supplies inventory and rotate stock. Re-stock trays and draw rooms after use when performing phlebotomy draws.

  • D. Use department resources (catalogs, techs, mgrs, pathologists etc) to define unknown tests and procedures. Works closely with CLA-Lead, Section Leads or Supervisors to ensure strict compliance to laboratory best practices and PID.

  • E. Service Excellence Standards commitment to fellow team members.

  1. Patient/Account Perception
  • A. Present and explain ABN to patients as needed

  • B. Professionally answer phones and respond to inquires. Work closely with CLA ? Client Services and CLA Leads to provide excellence in turn-around times (TAT) maintaining clear, cheerful, professional personal, phone and written communication. Provide follow-through to resolve issues, explain issues to patient/account as needed, and obtain desired services for customer.

  • C. Keep laboratory and patient drawing areas, trays, and materials clean and orderly to ensure patient?s ability to perceive timeliness, cleanliness and safety.

  • D. Perform QC check on requisition entry to ensure accuracy and completeness and other duties as assigned by CLA-Leads, Supervisors.

  1. Safety
  • A. Assess patient status after draw to determine if they can leave without assistance, or provide/locate required assistance.

  • B. Following assigned procedure and wear proper Protective equipment during draw and specimen handling.

  • C. Respond appropriately to overhead announcements to protect self and patient.


High school diploma or equivalent. Other additional medical training or experience preferred (e.g. Medical Assistant (MA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), previous experience as a CLA).