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Pfizer Inc. Sr. Field Medical Director, Endocrine/IEM, MD in Denver, Colorado

ROLE SUMMARYThe Sr. Director, Field Medical is a field-based medical colleague in theEndocrine Field Medical Director (FMD) group who is responsible forproviding therapeutic area /product expertise for the designated therapeuticarea in the assigned region (comprised of one or more US states).The responsibilities of the Sr. Director, Field Medical are to contribute toPfizer's ability to (a) communicate new and other important approvedmedical content related to the safe and appropriate use of Pfizer medicines totherapeutic area health care professionals (HCPs) in local, regional ornational capacities and engage in other approved communications in accordancewith approved FMD guidance; (b) provide truthful, accurate andscientifically supported information in response to direct unsolicited medicalrequests from HCPs in a manner that complies with all applicable Pfizerguidelines, policies, and procedures; and (c) provide therapeuticarea/product expertise for regional and other Medical Affairs and/orclinical development needs (e.g. formulary presentations, field forcetraining, organized customer projects/collaborations, scientificcongress participation, Pfizer-sponsored research site / investigatorinteractions, TA/product expertise for Pfizer-sponsored NIS, IIRinquiries etc.The Sr. Director, Field Medical will interact with HCPs in the regionincluding therapeutic area HCPs affiliated with organized customers. The FMDwill respond to medical questions regarding Pfizer products for acromegaly,growth hormone deficiency (GHD), and Gaucher disease and Somavert,Genotropin, Somatrogon, and Elelyso. The FMD may be involved inpresentations to payers, managed care organizations, formulary decisionmakers and regional medical advisory boards in accordance with the designatedtherapeutic area medical strategy established by the FMD TL. The FMD will alsofacilitate communication between regional and national HCPs and headquartersMedical Affairs colleagues and provide customer insights that contribute tothe development of brand medical strategies as appropriate. The FMD willfacilitate both Pfizer sponsored and investigator-initiated researchactivities in their regions, as determined by the HQ Medical teams and inaccordance with guidance.The Sr. Director, Field Medical will also have significant leadership,representation, and agency responsibilities within the designated FMD teamand across Medical Affairs and the enterprise with additional responsibilitiesthat include, but are not limited to, assisting the FMD Team Leader indeveloping the FMD team vision and strategy; assisting the FMD Team Leaderin chairing Medical Review Committee (MRC); and/or leading broadcorporate or enterprise-wide initiatives that advance Medical Affairs'impact throughout the organization.The Sr. Director, Field Medical, MD will also represent Pfizer MedicalAffairs with external MD-based professional associations and/or societiesand contribute expertise and insights to brand and other cross-functionalworkstreams as a trained physician.ROLE RESPONSIBILITIESThe FMD will primarily be responsible for providing approved medical contenton Somavert in Acromegaly, Genotropin and Somatrogon in GHD, and Elelysoin Gaucher disease to HCPs who have local, regional, or national roles inhealth care provision and/or decision-making.Keep abreast of medical and scientific developments in the designatedtherapeutic area by continuously reviewing literature in the field,monitoring competitor activities, networking with experts and attendingassigned conferences.Maintain effective and appropriate communication and collaboration amongheadquarters medical colleagues, Medical Information and other Pfizer FMDcolleagues.Ensure compliance with all internal/external SOPs/Rules/ Regulations.Serve as a conduit and resource for customer insights pertaining to diseaseareas and Pfizer assets.Serve as conduit and medical resource to therapeutic area investigators andresearchers, as appropriate.Contribute to the me