National Jewish Health Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Denver, Colorado

General SummaryTo perform, on a very independent basis, all phases of experimentalinvestigations and to collaborate with Principal Investigators and seniorresearchers in the progress of major research projects. To act as technicaladvisor to laboratory technical, support and auxiliary staff.Essential Responsibilities1. Performs, on a very independent basis, all phases of experimentalinvestigations, to include being responsible to the Principal Investigatorin the planning, developing, operating, recording, collaborating andreporting of major projects.2. Collaborates with Principal Investigators and senior researchers in theprogress of major research projects.3. Provides guidance to laboratory staff in one or more laboratory areas,including technicians, support and auxiliary staff. Performs as thetechnical advisor on techniques involving complex analyses utilizing highlysophisticated techniques. Serves as primary contact with researcher staff fortechnical services on major techniques, recording devices and statisticalprocedures relative to the specifically assigned field.4. Reviews quality control of new or modified laboratory techniques whichaffect any part of major projects.5. Performs routine and non-routine tests leading to the successful completionof developed experiments. Knows and follows age-specific guidelines.6. Performs all other duties as assigned.General Responsibilities1. Performs, as directed, safety compliance and uses Personal ProtectiveEquipment (PPE), as needed.2. Participates in Quality Assessment (QA) and Quality Improvement(QI) programs, as directed.3. Ensures compliance with The Joint Commission and all other Federal, Stateand Regulatory Agencies.4. Responds promptly and sincerely to customer's needs, requests andconcerns via all communication forms using easily understood language andrefraining from using inappropriate language and non-verbal gestures.5. Maintains positive working relationships as a team player through problemsolving issues, speaking positively about others, listening attentivelyand observing the Patient Bill of Rights and Confidentiality.6. Increases customer service knowledge, skill and ability by participatingin department and institution-wide specific programs.7. Incorporates National Jewish's identity (Science TransformingLife ) into daily functions. Speaks positively about the institution,provides customers with prompt service, maintains a clean and safe workingenvironment, dresses appropriately based upon National Jewish safetystandards, and departmental policies and wears an ID badge visibly.Knowledge and SkillsExtensive knowledge of standard research practices and methods, particularlyin the field of assignment, and of other values of research in the fieldinvolved. Ability to determine the approach to a research problem which willgive the most significant results and to develop, lay out and plan theactual experiments to be performed, and ability to devise new methods andtechniques as needed in experimentation. Ability to plan, organize anddirect work of supporting personnel. Ability to prepare and write reports onresearch projects. Ability to establish and maintain effective workingrelationships with associates, other research personnel and the generalpublic.EducationM. D.; or, Ph. D. in biology, chemistry or other basic sciences required.Certification and LicensureNoneWork ExperienceFive years of specified experience in technical investigatory techniquesrequired. M. D. or Ph. D. in a specified basic science field will suffice for2 yrs experience. Experience and salary are rated according to the NIH scale.- or - Any equivalent combination of Education and/or ExperienceWorking ConditionsPosition is in a laboratory. Frequent requirements may include: manualdexterity; normal color vision; long periods of standing and sitting,and frequent periods of bending, crouching or stooping; work withradioactive materials, toxic chemicals, biomedical wastes and researchanimals; potent