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Denver Health Interventional Radiology Technologist (PRN) in Denver, Colorado

Interventional Radiology Technologist (PRN) (Job ID: 3017)Job SummaryUnder direction of radiologist, performs interventional radiography (IR)examinations at a technical level not requiring constant supervision. Performsa variety of technical imagining procedures that entail application ofionizing radiation, therefore, independent judgment, technical skillsand commitment to patient safety are considered requisite personalcharacteristics for individuals assuming the position.Responsibilities*Performs high quality IR imaging studies by selecting specific softwareparameters that will produce a quality image for use by physicians in theirdetermination of a diagnosis. Lack of negative complaints from radiologistsabout inadequately performed IR examinations indicates the standard has beenexceeded. More than 3 complaints per year about image quality indicate failureto meet the standard.*Prepares and administers contrast media for patient examinations according toradiologists' direction. Technologist must be certified in CPR at alltimes, must complete contrast questionnaires. Technologist must ensure thatthe IV catheter, if used, is of appropriate type, size, and in thecorrect location for contrast administration by means of an injector.Technologists must test injector with saline prior to contrast injection. Thisstandard cannot be exceeded.*Operates, on a day-to-day basis, PACS applications to include:archiving activities; image auto-routing; and pre-fetching tasks; imagequality assurance and other related activities. Lack of incidents and/orcomplaints about PACS workflow indicates exceeds standard performance. Morethan 3 complaints per year about image management indicate failure to meetstan*Ensures patient safety, comfort, and personal dignity by followingappropriate patient care guidelines to include use of 2 patient identifiers.Transports patients to and from the Department of Radiology, as needed, toprevent patient flow delays. Lack of complaints indicates exceeds standardperformance. More than 3 complaints per year indicate failure to meetstandard.*Assists in the maintenance of department inventory by ordering, stocking,and performing inventory checks on those medical supplies utilized whenperforming IR examinations. Consistent availability of requisite IR medicalsupplies indicate exceeds standard. More than 3 incidents of supplyunavailability indicate failure to meet standard.*Verifies the physician order and relevant patient's history in the medicalchart. Prior to performance of an IR examination, consults with the relevantradiologist to obtain a written imaging study protocol. Lack of complaintsand/or incidents regarding incorrect IR imaging protocols indicates exceedsstandard. More than 3 complaint/incidences per year indicate failure to meetstandard.*In order to provide the necessary information for radiologists to interpretimages, the technologist scans all relevant clinical information into thePACS, assigns prioritization box for the radiologists' work list, andthen transmits current (and comparison images, when applicable) to thePACS. These activities must be completed immediately following examinationcompletion, not to exceed 1 hour.*Maintains imaging and processing equipment by performing scheduled cleaningsand tests; results of all cleanings and tests are documented, asappropriate. Contacts service personnel and notifies supervisory staff ofequipment malfunctions.*Maintains a clean and orderly working environment through wiping downexamination tables, changing linens, stocking supplies, andwashing/disinfecting IR equipment. The standard cannot be exceeded.*Documents, as appropriate, all pertinent information on clinicalquestionnaires (e.g., MRI screening form). This standard cannot be exceeded.*Uses Radiology Information System (RIS) system to input patientexamination data and to place patient orders, when appropriate. Less than 2incidents of incomplete work per month indicates exceeds standard. More than 4incidents