National Jewish Health Echo Technologist in Denver, Colorado

Position SummaryResponsible and accountable for performing quality Echocardiography inaccordance with the standards set forth by the American Registry forDiagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) and the Intersocietal AccreditationCommission (IAC). This position works within interdisciplinary teams toprovide safe and personalized care for the patient.Essential Duties1. Performs high quality echocardiograms to assist the physician in thediagnosis of cardiac conditions in accordance with ARDMS and IAC standards.2. Prepares and completes all required documentation in a thorough andaccurate manner.3. Initiates times to read exams with cardiologists to elicit feedback andquality improvement.4. Performs all related responsibilities associated with Pulmonary Physiologytesting to include operating and maintaining equipment in accordance withhospital and department safety policy and procedures.5. Participates in quality improvements processes on an on-going basis andassists with IAC compliance as directed.6. Maintains continuing education requirements as outlined by the ARDMS.7. Provides guidance to less experienced staff to assure high quality exams onall patients.Core Values1. Be available to work as scheduled and report to work on time.2. Be willing to accept supervision and work well with others.3. Be respectful of all with whom you interact and follow the National JewishHealth Core Values.4. Be well groomed and dressed appropriately for your role.5. Be in compliance with all departmental and institutional policies and theEmployee Handbook.6. Demonstrate a willingness to learn.7. Be able to communicate clearly, think clearly, and concentrate onassigned tasks.8. Wear ID badge visibly.9. Performs, as directed, safety compliance and uses Personal ProtectiveEquipment (PPE), as needed.10. Demonstrates compliance with all state, federal and all other regulatoryagency requirements.Other Duties & Responsibilities (Optional)1. Performs all other duties as assigned.Key Competencies1. Accountability: Accepts full responsibility for self and contribution asa team member; displays honesty and truthfulness; confronts problemsquickly; displays a strong commitment to organizational success and inspiresothers to commit to goals; demonstrates a commitment to National JewishHealth.2. Attention to Detail: Accomplishes tasks by considering all areasinvolved, no matter how small; shows concern for all aspects of the job;accurately checks processes and tasks; being watchful over a period of time. Sets high standards of performance for self and others; assumesresponsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments ortasks; self-imposes standards of excellence rather than having standardsimpose3. Peer Relationships: Interacts with others in a constructive,positive, and respectful manner, regardless of individual differences.Assists team members or co-workers in achieving personal goals and completingassignments.4. Patient Relations: Consistently meets patient and patient familyneeds; takes responsibility for a patient's safety, satisfaction, andclinical outcomes; uses appropriate interpersonal techniques to resolvedifficult patient situations and regain patient confidence.5. Initiative: Takes prompt action to accomplish objectives; takes actionto achieve goals beyond what is required; being proactive.6. Decision Making: Identifies and understands issues, problems, andopportunities; compares data from different sources to draw conclusions;uses effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developingappropriate solutions; takes action that is consistent with availablefacts, constraints, and probable consequences.Minimum QualificationsCompletion of a two-year diagnostic medical sonographer education program.Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer certification required within twelve(12) months of hire date for new graduates and within six - (6)months of hire date for individuals with more than one (1) year ofexperience. BLS