Diagnostic Laboratories & Radiology Oxygen Respiratory Therapist (LS) Colorado Springs in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tasks and Responsibilities:* Employee will drive their personal vehicle (unless other accommodationsare made) to contracted facilities as assigned.* Service the oxygen patients at our contracted facilities.* Change and date cannulas and humidifiers as contracted.* Set up PAP therapy as ordered by physician and nocturnal pulse ox studies.* Perform in-services on PAP Therapy, Trach Care, Oxygen Safety and otherRespiratory topics as needed.* Track all respiratory equipment in the facility on a weekly basis and noteall missing equipment and inform facility staff using a Summary Sheet.* Complete and update worksheets using Microsoft Excel.* Complete billing monthly and enter into Billing file.*Obtain physician orders and other documentation required for billingpurposes.* Update Daily Log with accurate information of duties performed.* Be on call as assigned."Equal Opportunity Employer/Protected Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities"TridentUSA Health Services (including Mobilex, ADS, US Laboratories,DiagnosticLabs) is an equal opportunity employer committed to dealing with employeesin a non-discriminatory manner based on job-related qualifications andabilities.TridentUSA Health will not discriminate against any applicant or employeebecause ofrace, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin,veteran status,age, disability or any other protected status. This policy applies, butis not limited to, decisions involving recruitment, employment,promotion, demotion, transfer,training, discipline, discharge, layoff, compensation, benefits andall other conditions of employment.