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Akahi Associates LLC Medical Transcriptionist in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Medical TranscriptionistLocation: USAFA, Colorado Springs, COWork Schedule: Works Monday through Friday. Shifts may be 8 to 10 hours perday, but will not go over 40 hours a week. Duties will need to be performedat the MTF during core MTF hours (0700-1700).SUMMARY: Transcriptionist uses office automation systems and varioussoftware packages to accomplish assignments (include: text editing; filecreation; maintenance, and retrieval; use of message, calendar, andsuspense systems). Reviews own transcription work for accuracy and quantityand maintains all pertinent records.DUTIES:1.1. Performs the full spectrum of services of a Medical Transcriptionist.Provides accurate medical transcription service in accordance with standardsset in the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance and in compliance with allsecurity requirements for safeguarding patient information and prevention ofPrivacy Act violations.1.2. The Transcriptionist shall provide transcription of outpatient andambulatory surgery related dictation as well as Radiological and Pathologydata.1.3. The Transcriptionist shall ensure completed transcription is medicallyconsistent and accurate in content. The Transcriptionist shall reviewdictation for accuracy and meaning to ensure that dictated test results areconsistent with associated patient symptoms or diagnoses.1.4. The medical Transcriptionist shall call the originator of the dictationregarding clarification of dictation or questions regarding specific issues.1.5. The medical Transcriptionist shall obtain complete patient data that mayinvolve researching the patient information or contacting the originator.1.6. The Transcriptionist shall be responsible for creating, maintaining,and disposing of Government records per Air Force Instructions.1.7. Transcriptionist shall treat patient lists as privileged information.Lists and/or names of patients shall not be disclosed to or revealed in anyway for any use outside the MTF without prior written permission by the SGH,10th Medical Group.1.8. Transcription shall release medical information obtained during thecourse of this contract only to other MTF staff involved in the care andtreatment of that individual.1.9. Transcription shall maintain open and professional communication withmembers of the MTF.1.10. Transcriptionist shall complete the applicable reports/forms byfollowing the instructions on the forms or provided by the MTF.1.11. Meets short-notice suspense as established by the organization.1.12. Be productive and perform with minimal supervisory direction.1.13. Ensure a safe work environment and employee safe work habits.1.14. Maintains a professional manner and displays a positive cooperativeattitude.1.15. Procedure Guidance:1.15.1. Contractor personnel shall perform procedures compatible with themedical facility's operating capacity and equipment. New medicalprocedures/services shall not be introduced without prior recommendationto, and approval of, the MTF Commander or authorized representative.1.16. Patient Sensitivity:1.16.1. The Contractor personnel shall provide patients with the utmost careand attention. All patients shall be assured of their privacy and personaldignity.1.17. The Contractor personnel shall perform other duties as assigned insupport of the department, flight, MDG, and base.QUALIFICATIONS:2.1. English Language Requirement and Citizenship. Must be able to read,understand, speak, and write English well enough to communicateeffectively and must be a United States Citizen.2.2 Education. Medical Transcriptionist must have a high school degree or GEDequivalent.2.3. Experience. Medical Transcriptionists must have a basic knowledge ofcomputers with the ability to type 1,200 lines per day and shall, after aninitial training period, have sufficient experience to be capable ofperforming his/her duties. Will use approved DOD medical information systemson a daily basis.2.4. The Medical Transcriptionists will use a government-approvedtranscription system to transcribe