San Luis Valley Health Medical Technologist Molecular Technical Supervisor in Alamosa, Colorado

JOB DUTIESSummary: Supervise the Molecular Laboratory Department.Description: Perform all assigned chemical, microscopic and bacteriologictests to obtain data for use in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.Receive or obtain specimens and conduct testing procedures in one or acombination of recognized fields employing established laboratory techniques.Analyze findings and record results. Use high degree of accuracy to avoid anypossible error in testing and recording results and to avoidself-contamination. Supervise the work of medical technologists. Instructtechnicians or students.*Re instructing technicians or students - Scope of instruction will cover thecritical components of the clinical chemistry laboratory to include specimencollection and methods, processing, inoculation techniques,interpretation of biochemical reactions, releasing results to physicians,test method validation, proficiency testing and quality control methods.Method of instruction consists of requiring the student/technician to readthe hospital's policies, procedures and manuals, demonstrating theproper methodology and procedures, providing hands-on practical training,and conducting practical exam.Responsibilities: Understand and abide by laboratory compliance plan andeffectively apply the plan requirements in relation to the hospital scompliance plan. Participate in ongoing compliance education, read updatedLocal Medical Review Policy and newsletters. Report any misunderstandings orquestions to laboratory compliance officer. Proficient understanding of themolecular laboratory department, all testing, theory and able to superviseall staff who work in the molecular laboratory department to assure consistentand competent performance of processes and procedures. Supervises and isresponsible for training all staff working in the molecular laboratorydepartment. Responsible for monitoring competency of staff by assigningproficiency specimens and performing observations for each staff working inthe molecular laboratory department. Maintain adequate records of allprocedures and monitor inventory of supplies. Perform antibody screening,identification and cross-matching procedures required in the administration ofblood and blood components. Inoculate, cultivate, classify and identifymicroorganisms found in body fluids, educates skin scraping, autopsy andsurgical specimens to provide data on cause, cure and prevention ofdiseases. Calculate and tabulate test results for accuracy and statisticalpurposes. Perform quality control procedures and instrument checks and recordresults. Prepare for and participate in the CAP and JCAHO accreditationsurveys. Observe all guidelines to comply with OSHA, CLIA and otherregulatory agencies. Confer with pathologist when results are questionableand need to be validated. Maintain state proficiency in syphilis/rubellaserology plus other CAP programs. Prepare and interpret Gram stains and setup specimens to study for fungus and parasitology. Draw blood byvenipuncture, capillary or arterial puncture while observing strictprinciples of asepsis and antisepsis to prevent infection. Maintainlaboratory equipment by performing preventive maintenance and document same toassure quality control and compliance with accreditation. Prepare specimenfor distribution to reference labs. Competently use the laboratory s andhospital s computerized information system. Participate in all requiredtraining and educational programs. Write policies and procedures as neededfor specific units within the laboratory department.MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Master s degree in Medical Technology (orequivalent = bachelor s degree plus 5 years progressive experience),plus at least 1-year experience as a medical technologist at a U.S. acute carehospital. Must be certified or registered with American Medical Technologists(AMT) or American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).WORK HOURS: 40 hours per week, from 8:00 PM to 6:30 AM Wednesday toSaturday